Social Data Systems has deep experience addressing the unique needs of social enterprises operating in multiple industries around the world. We offer a host of customized solutions that provide additional benefit to our customers and extend the functionality of the NetSuite platform.

Donation Page

Social Data Systems’ Donation Page integrates directly with your NetSuite account. When a donor makes a donation or submits sponsorship, their Donor record and the transaction are both immediately recorded in the NetSuite account. The credit card is charged and the acknowledgement sent. No separate system, login, export or entry is needed.

Shopify Integration

If your company has an existing webstore on the Shopify platform or is considering a Shopify store, Social Data Systems can help integrate it with your NetSuite account. Using a low-cost, third-party connector, we’ll connect your ecommerce platform with NetSuite to:

  • Add new customers
  • Synchronize existing customers
  • Synchronize orders, fulfillment, credits and payment
  • Integrate inventory management

Custom Point-of-Sale

Our NetSuite Point-of-Sale solution gives organizations the ability to sell product in their retail stores or at workshops and events. The solution runs on any Windows-based laptop or Surface, and includes a product scanner, cash drawer and thermal printer. The system uses all the native NetSuite features, forms and credit card processing capabilities. Our solution is currently in use by:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Gerson Institute
  • San Diego Futures Foundation
  • Karama Collection

Event Registration and Payment

Our Online Event Registration system enables organizations to take event registrations online, process credit cards and receiving notifications when registrations have occurred, all within NetSuite. The system is used by organizations whose customers and clients need to register for training classes, workshops and other types of events. The system is fully integrated with NetSuite and provides:

  • Web-based registration
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Calendar Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Attendee Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Attendee Reminders

Excelâ„¢ Connector

Sometimes the quickest way to add data to NetSuite is through CSV imports. SDS has developed a method that allows bookkeepers, development directors and others to create Excelâ„¢ templates that pull data, such as customers, vendors, accounts and items from NetSuite, making the preparation of CSV imports quicker and more accurate.

Gift Reporting

Moving data from a donor platforms to a financial application often means losing historical gift reporting. SDS can migrate your historical gift data to NetSuite while maintaining the reporting history and including that history in reports going forward.