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Faith-based organizations provide a wide variety of services in the community, from housing, health and employment programs, to food distribution and shelters. NetSuite provides faith-based organizations with a robust platform of features that enable the management of critical activities, including financials, online sponsorships, program reporting and data analysis.

NetSuite Uses: Financials, Development, CRM, Online Child Sponsorships
Migrated From: Quickbooks, Joomla
Location: St. Louis, Missouri; Africa

Sheltering Wings partners with churches by sending missionaries to take the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed to the world. Child sponsorship reaches the most vulnerable children by giving them the opportunity to be educated, learn about God’s love, and to grow up healthy. Sponsorship provides children with school fees and supplies, a daily meal at school or a semi-annual food and goods distribution, and basic medical care.

NetSuite Use: Financials, CRM, Donations, Program Management
Migrated From: Quickbooks, Microsoft Access, Orange Leap, Network For Good
Location: Houston, Texas

The WorkFaith Connection’s mission is to help people in transition build a new life through work and faith. WorkFaith is a Christ-centered organization that exists to encourage disadvantaged job seekers in their hope for a better future and to equip them with the skills and beliefs to gain employment and lead healthy, productive and spiritually rich lives.

NetSuite Use: Financials, CRM, Donations, Program Management
Migrated From: Quickbooks, Joomla
Location: United States, India

The James Connection is a charitable 501 (c)(3) organization that provides a home and nourishment to destitute children in the rural northeast state of Manipur, India. In just ten years, with the generous support of more than 1,000 donors from 36 states, they have built a strong community of goodwill and an orphanage called Angels’ Place where 150 children receive food, clothing, shelter, private-school education, and guidance in a loving Christian environment.

Location: Park City, Utah

CCPC is a nonprofit organization that helps improve the lives of people and communities through meeting immediate and basic needs, serving as a leading networker of community resources, offering counseling and care support, and by giving hope to those they serve.

Location: Africa

Hands At Work are a Christian non-profit organization, established in 2002, working in vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are highest and support structures are very low. They help the local church in those communities to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable.

Location: California, USA

Location: Illinois, USA

Pioneer Clubs provides churches with time-tested, age-appropriate children’s ministry resources that serve kids age 2 through middle school