Join The Team

If you’ve ever dreamt of doing what you love while working with a great team and the best customers in the world, consider working with Social Data Systems.

What We Do

In a nutshell, Social Data Systems helps nonprofits, social enterprises and other companies migrate their old software to NetSuite. Most organizations are switching from financial applications like QuickBooks, SAGE and Microsoft Dynamics to NetSuite. So the experience we’re looking for is related to accounting. And since most (not all) of our customers are nonprofits, we are also looking for experience in the nonprofit sector.

What We Need

If you’ve been working in the nonprofit sector for at least four years, have some accounting background or nonprofit financial reporting experience, we’re interested in talking to you. In addition to these primary qualifications, we’re looking for people with flexible work schedules who can work from home using remote technologies such as Skype and Zoom, who are reliable, well-organized and who communicate well.


We are looking for both contractors and employees. Compensation depends primarily on three things:

  • Experience
    • How long have you worked in the nonprofit sector?
    • What did you do there?
    • Do you have experience with NetSuite for financials?
    • Were/are you a CFO or Accounting Manager at a nonprofit, using NetSuite?
  • Availability
    • Are you available earlier than usual for meetings with International customers or others not in your time zone?
    • Are you available 10 hours per week or 40?
  • Reliability
    • Will you schedule calls with customers, show up on time, deliver what you say and communicate well with the SDS team?
    • Will you track and submit your time daily?

How to Apply

Simple. Introduce yourself using our Contact Form. We’ll follow up via email and send you a more detailed Job Description. If you’re still interested, reply and send your resume along with any other supporting documentation you feel will help. We’ll get back to you to schedule a call or to gather additional information.