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Our Mission and Values

Social Data Systems is a mission-based organization aimed at helping to improve the world through expanded access to, and use of, technology. We are also committed to performing to the highest standards possible, as individuals and collectively as a company. Please read further to learn more about our philosophy, culture and mission.

Six Principals of Harmony and Respect

These are the six core values by which we perform:

  • Common Viewpoints – together, we agree on these core value, that all people should be treated equally and respectfully. That there should be no discrimination in work or life based on a person’s race, gender, ethnicity, age or other personal identities or preferences.
  • Common Order – we agree on a system of ethics and rules related to behaviors toward each other and our customers. These behaviors include always doing the right thing, abstaining from harsh language and lying and listening respectfully with intent to understand.
  • Common Life – we are part of a global community of human beings who share this planet together. As such, we view and treat others as part of a larger, global family.
  • Common Collaboration – we communicate and work together to develop the solutions that will best serve our customers while at the same time providing benefit and bringing no harm to others.
  • Common Happiness – we agree that the primary goal of all people is to be happy. We don’t believe that happiness is achieved through material gain, but through wholesome co-existence and peace. We will promote wholesome activities, words and acts, at every opportunity, to help others reduce suffering and experience a happy life.
  • Common Harmony – as a company, we understand the value of sharing our successes with the community, and also with our employees.

Social Initiatives

As a company, we are committed to helping improve the world through improved access and use of technology. We do this in two ways. First, we provide funds and time to support specific areas we feel most passionate about. Second, we provide funding to support organizations that are a part of the lives of our employees.


Our Technology Initiative is focused on the development and support for community technology programs, specifically targeted to:

  • Individuals with Disabilities – we will provide both funding and staff to help improve access and use of technology for people with disabilities, and share our knowledge to others focused on this area of need.
  • The Environment and Living Conditions – technology has the capacity to help improve the environment we all share, and the living conditions of many. At the same time, we recognize that the unbridled push for technology by investors, and unrestrained use of technology by consumers, has the potential to negatively impact both the environment and conditions in which we all live. Our goal here is to examine the impact of technology on the Earth and individuals lives, and work collaboratively to share that valuable and actionable information.
  • Regional Digital Inclusion program – we will provide our unique expertise in this area to support and expand programs across the U.S. the work to increase access to and use of in disconnected communities.


We will provide 1% of our net profits to support the local, regional, national or international nonprofits of our employee’s choice. Presently, our funds are committed to:

  • The American Diabetes Association
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)


Our employees are compensated at their regular hourly or salary rate, up to 5 hours per month, to volunteer for their local charities. Organizations currently supported include:

  • Friends For Life Animal Rescue, Gilbert AZ
  • East Valley Boys and Girls Club, Arizona